Oil, gas & offshore

Oil, gas & offshore

In the oil, gas and offshore sector, high-quality materials are generally used, including stainless steel, incoloy and cast iron.  Our coating inspectors are familiar with the most diverse materials types and have extensive experience of performing inspections on materials.

Independent coating inspections for installations and checking structures in accordance with the tests and inspection plans drawn up for them.As part of the inspection, our NACE coating inspectors devote a lot of attention to the treatment, testing and layer thickness measurements to be performed.

Heat-resistant and conventional coating systems

  • pipework and pipe bridges
  • pipe routes
  • heat exchangers
  • drums – pump housings
  • compressors
  • drinking water tanks, complete offshore modules
  • HVAC containers

fire-retardant systems

  • various structures

various paint systems

  • storage tanks
  • actuators
  • prefab pipes for drinking water
  • enclosing structures
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