As an independent paint engineering consultancy, we advise end users/customers in various sectors on steel and concrete preservation. A team of ICORR and NACE (Levels II and III) certified coating inspectors performs inspections on various civil engineering structures, such as railway bridges, storage tanks, loading stations and locks. Our range of services also includes the inspection of internal coatings on tank floors. In addition we draw up maintenance management plans in order to be able to achieve a reliable, safe and sound installation in partnership with you.



Periodieke coating-inspectie bewezen effectief

Periodieke coating-inspectie bewezen effectief

COATECT-PCN bv is an independent international paint engineering consultancy and inspection agency.

Thanks to years of experience and specialist training courses, COATECT-PCN bv has built up extensive expertise in metal and concrete preservation. Our teams consist of experienced coating inspectors with ICORR, NACE (levels II and III) and VCA VOL certifications. They have a wide range of skills in developing maintenance programmes, corrosion protection, analyses, inspections and consultancy.


Our certified coating inspectors have been involved in assignments for clients including NAM, Shell, GDF Suez, Stork, AkzoNobel, N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, ProRail and Argos.We have knowledge of and


experience with a wide range of paint systems, such as heat-resistant systems, fire-retardant and fire-proof paint systems, Duplex systems, anti-static tank linings, drinking water systems and thermally sprayed coatings including TSZ, TSA and GRP systems.

Besides performing paint engineering inspections, COATECT-PCN bv specialises in drawing up maintenance management plans. The ultimate goal is to achieve a reliable, safe and sound installation for the client. COATECT-PCN bv also provides instruction and training for clients in the area of metal and concrete preservation.

As an independent paint engineering consultancy and inspection agency, we are constantly working to improve processes in order to continue to meet our customers’ needs into the future.

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