Maintenance management

Maintenance management

Due to the growing and ever more complicated technology economy, the maintenance of often simple but expensive capital goods, such as steel and concrete structures, machines, pipe bridges, tanks, pipelines, buildings and other company inventory is often delayed or forgotten about. Overdue maintenance and its consequences cost businesses and governments a lot of money. Moreover, it also has consequences for the reliability and safety of the installation(s).

Thanks to its extensive experience, COATECT-PCN bv has built up a great store of expertise in maintenance management and preserving structures, with surveying and inspection being among its core tasks. The paint engineering knowledge of our NACE coating inspectors is extremely valuable in site surveys and when drawing up a maintenance management plan. The ultimate goal of a maintenance management plan for paintwork is to achieve a reliable, safe and sound installation. For some petrochemicals installations/locations, the accurate updating of maintenance management plans is a government requirement.

The installation or other structure must operate safely, but it often also needs to be manufactured at the lowest possible cost. The NACE coating inspector can supervise and provide support in this regard by providing input to the end user/client about, among other things, the expected lifespan and quality. We then draw up a simple and effective maintenance plan. The plan will also take into account the safety and reliability of the installation/structure.

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