Project supervision

Project supervision

The coating inspectors of COATECT-PCN bv have extensive experience and specialist knowledge. Clients regularly make use of our expertise to set up preservation projects and manage them through to the delivery of the project.As part of the project management, the number of customer inspections are discussed with the client.

Prior to the project, COATECT-PCN bv draws up project specifications and inspection plans showing which requirements the application process must meet. Since multiple parties are often involved in preservation projects, the NACE coating inspector will discuss the specifications, the statement of work and the testing and inspection plan. The parties are told which activities they must perform and which actions must be taken in the areas of safety, environment and quality. During the project, the inspector checks whether the expectations of the end user/client are met.

A NACE coating inspector from COATECT-PCN bv will perform the project supervision and the inspections entirely independently during the implementation phase. Following an inspection, the end user/client will be informed by the coating inspector and will receive a report. All relevant matters will also be discussed together during construction meetings, which must be attended by all parties.

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